Trakka Systems announces TrakkaBeam A800 Searchlight

Trakka Systems announces TrakkaBeam A800 Searchlight

13-Aug-2019 Source: Trakka Systems

Trakka Systems has been awarded a contract by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, to supply their cutting edge, high intensity, multi-mission TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight, as part of the mission equipment package on the UH-60M platform.

“We are extremely pleased that the TrakkaBeam has, again, been chosen for an international search and rescue helicopter program. We look forward to supporting Sikorsky on this program and future programs to come”, said Glen Rowling, VP Business Development of Trakka Systems.
The TrakkaBeamA800’s unique optical design utilizes lamp technology requiring half the power of traditional searchlights to deliver a more intense and consistent beam where needed. The precision design of the optical elements in relation to the lamp’s arc source is responsible for the effective collimation and reduction of stray light. This design eliminates the black hole in the wide field of view and the bright spot generated in the centre of the narrow field of view previously experienced in conventional mirror-reflector searchlights, while providing an even beam with energy all the way to the edges, resulting in far less lost targets.
The A800 includes the industries only embedded in-flight, multi-filter solution. Up to six different filters can be activated at the touch of a button from inside the cockpit. Filters can range from extremely covert IR to Soft Red to Amber. These different filter options reduce the glare from the fog, snow or moisture and can enhance natural colour in the target field. This internal design reduces bulk, weight, and costly maintenance and allows for greater mission capabilities, as flight speed does not have to be reduced for filter change.
The A800 system has been rigorously tested and certified to DO-160F standards by internationally recognized laboratories in the United States, Germany and Australia, and has been qualified by all major helicopter OEM’s. The A800 offers the highest proven MTBF (Mean time between failures) in the industry, which coupled with Trakka’s comprehensive warranty, delivers overall lowest life cycle cost for the user making it the most cost-effective searchlight package available

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