Omni reaches over 100,000 hours flown in AW139 aircraft

Omni reaches over 100,000 hours flown in AW139 aircraft 23 Aug, 19, Source: Omni Táxi Aéreo

Omni recently exceeded 100,000 hours flown in AW139 aircraft, a milestone in the company’s history. This helicopter model represents the ultimate in the offshore market, featuring low vibration and noise levels, integrated instruments that enable highly safe flights and the ability to comfortably carry 12 passengers with excellent safety standards.

Omni entered the first AW139 into its fleet in July 2009 and reached 14 aircraft by the end of 2018 with the incorporation of the first AW139 with 7 tonne Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTW), which allows the transport of a greater number of passengers serving offshore platforms operating long distances, like the ones in the Brazilian Pre-Salt area.

The AW139 is part of the company’s history, present in operations for 10 years, and demonstrates all the safety, comfort and care that Omni and its team can offer to its contractors and passengers.

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