Kopin Advanced Color LCD Microdisplay Designed in Pilot HMDs for US Army

Kopin Advanced Color LCD Microdisplay Designed in Pilot HMDs for US Army 11 Sep, 19, Source: Kopin

Kopin® Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a U.S. developer of display systems for wearable technologies and military applications,  announced its super high-performance Brillian liquid crystal display (LCD) has been designed into a customer’s helmet-mounted display (HMD) system for the US Army’s helicopter pilots. The Brillian display incorporates advanced designs and processing techniques to produce unsurpassed image performance in applications requiring extreme high brightness.
“We are very pleased to have the Brillian LCD designed into a color HMD for the US Army helicopters,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John C. C. Fan. “It has been very challenging to provide color HMDs for pilots because historically color microdisplays could not offer super high brightness with good contrast required for the application. Full-color Brillian displays exhibit brightness levels greater than 34,000 nits (10,000 foot-lamberts) and contrast ratios higher than 300:1. The Brillian display exhibits approximately double the contrast ratio and color transmission of our standard LC microdisplays.”

“Kopin Brillian displays have become the microdisplay of choice for pilots’ color HMDs where high brightness is required to provide color symbology that is easy to read in full sunlight conditions,” said Bill Maffucci, the Company’s Vice President and General Manager of Government and Industrial Products. “The Brillian display far exceeds emissive devices in brightness, operating life and reliability, allowing pilots to maintain situational awareness in extreme operating environments.”

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