Launch of HeliSpeed Academy

Launch of HeliSpeed Academy 12 Nov, 19, Source: HeliSpeed

We are so pleased to introduce all of our clients to HeliSpeed Academy, our brand new pilot training academy. We are offering aspiring helicopter pilots training in order to further their career in aviation. Our fantastic team of commercially experienced instructors will be running the training for both new and experienced pilots.

There is a huge demand for helicopter pilots worldwide, HeliSpeed Solutions has recognised this. With this high demand and a large population of maturing pilots exiting the workforce, we estimate around 225,000 new pilots will be required over the next ten years. There’s never been a better or more exciting time to start learning. We have developed HeliSpeed Academy to train aspiring pilots in an exciting and practical way and to assist them in achieving the job of their dreams in aviation.

We have a wide range of training courses available, including an APTL, BSc Hons Professional Aviation Pilot Practice, CPL/IR, Theoretical Knowledge Full time & Distance learning, Helicopter Operator Cadet Program, and PPL. We have many advanced training courses available too that can be found on our HeliSpeed Academy website. We are a very flexible company and therefore if we don’t currently offer a training course in something you are interested in, we want you to get in touch and speak to one of our experienced advisors.

HeliSpeed Academy are delighted to be able to offer courses to the government and military. Our fully trained helicopter pilots fly high in government aviation units all around the globe, we aim to train future pilots to be highly skilled military and government aviation graduates. HeliSpeed Academy offers students the opportunity to learn about more complex concepts, such as Threat & Error Management, Crew Resource Management and Aviation Decision Making.

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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