Blood and plasma preserves aboard Christoph 53

Blood and plasma preserves aboard Christoph 53

20-Nov-2019 Source: DRF Luftrettung

The Mannheim station of the DRF Luftrettung has been carrying blood and plasma supplies in their helicopters since this week. The rapid availability of blood products by helicopter is crucial especially for emergency patients with massive blood loss. In this situation, the administration of blood and blood products can be life-saving on the job site.

“Because of their speed, our helicopters are often the first to rescue people with serious injuries or diseased emergency patients in a large area, or they can be quickly reclaimed. After our station in Greifswald , our crew in Mannheim now also provides blood and coagulation products as an integral part of the helicopter equipment, “said Dr. med. Jörg Braun, Head of Medicine at the DRF Luftrettung.

The non-profit organization is thus taking another important step towards optimizing the quality of medical care in the region. Since July, the entire crew of the Mannheim station has been trained in the application of advanced invasive emergency techniques that stabilize patients with high blood loss even before transport to the hospital can be lifesaving. Also all surrounding clinics of maximum care were informed.

The DRF Luftrettung has developed the procedure for the transport of blood and plasma products in cooperation with the DRK Blood Transfusion Service Baden-Württemberg – Hessen and the University Clinics Mannheim and Greifswald. The influence of the special storage and transport conditions in the helicopter on the coagulation factor and the quality of the blood components was scientifically investigated in numerous tests.

Since this week, the regional institute of the German Red Cross Blood Donor Service Baden-Württemberg – Hessen with its blood donation facility and the blood bank at the University Medical Center Mannheim ensures the supply for the air rescue around the year. “The blood preparations carried on the helicopter come from blood donations with the blood group 0 Rhesus D negative”, explains Prof. Dr. med. Harald Klüter, Medical Director of the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology. “This rare blood type is particularly well suited for use in emergency medicine. That’s why we maintain a tribe of selected donors so that we can always stock enough of these life-saving blood products, “Klüter continues.

With the developed procedure for the safe use of blood products in the air rescue we improve the emergency medical care of the population sustainably, explains Dr. Krystian Pracz , Chief Executive Officer of DRF Luftrettung. The Foundation of the DRF Luftrettung had supported the research in addition to the practical cooperation also financially in the amount of 15,000 euros.

The First Mayor Christian Specht underlines the importance of air rescue for the region and welcomes the improvement of the medical care of the population in the region through the new procedure. “The Mannheim location is ideal for implementing the measure. With the airfield of the DRF Luftrettung, the University Medical Center as the hospital of maximum care and the blood transfusion service of the German Red Cross we have all important partners on site and can strengthen Mannheim as a center for emergency medical services with air rescue, “notes Specht.

“Air rescue is an important building block in the security architecture of the city of Mannheim as well as the entire region,” continues Specht. “We are pleased to announce the introduction of advanced emergency medical concepts at the Mannheim Air Rescue Center, which together with the concentration of the water protection units in the Mühlauhafen and the commissioning of the Integrated Control Center Mannheim represent another important element in the security of the metropolitan area.”

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