AirX proposes new tourist flights from Tokyo Heliport

AirX proposes new tourist flights from Tokyo Heliport

23-Jan-2020 Source:

Japanese operator AirX has set up a project in association with with Keikyu Corporation which will result in tourist flights by helicopter to a newly developed resort known as “Sky Resort Miura”. The venue on the Miura Peninsula is a popular get-away destination for Tokyo residents, but suffers from slow ground transport. The peninsula is in the south-east part of the Kanagawa Prefecture. This seaside town area has Sagami Bay to the west and Tokyo Bay to the east, and consists of five main towns – Kamakura, Yokosuka, Zushi, Miura, and Hayama.

Some route proving flights will be carried out in February.

On 13 February – A leisure-based day on the Miura Peninsula, such as aquariums, gourmet, and a sightseeing flight by helicopter

On 27-28 February – tour flight from Tokyo Heliport to the Miura Peninsula, stay at snow peak glamping Keikyu Kannonzaki (image below) and a boat cruise from Hayama Marina

No details have been provided on what helicopter type will be used, although available mockup imagery features a Robinson R44

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