Maxcraft Avionics and Canadian Helicopters team up for Astronautics AFI 4700 Retrofit

Maxcraft Avionics and Canadian Helicopters team up for Astronautics AFI 4700 Retrofit

31-Jan-2020 Source: Maxcraft Avionics

Maxcraft Avionics Ltd, one of the largest avionics shops in Canada, has teamed up with Canadian Helicopters to retrofit the Bell 212 and the Sikorsky S-61 with Astronautics AFI4700 RoadRunner® Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI). It’s form-fit-function EFI that is designed as a replacement for Attitude Director Indicator and Horizontal Situational Indicator primary flight instruments.

The intuitive AFI4700 RoadRunner was designed to reduce installation time, power, instrument panel, and cooling requirements. The EFI is NVIS compatible, and displays HTAWS, TCAS, and Weather with readability in all lighting conditions. SVS will be available as a future field-loadable upgrade. The unit increases operational capability by enabling LPV approaches and is approved for single pilot IFR. With no mechanical components, this feature increases reliability and a significant weight savings of 20lbs over the legacy displays. Maxcraft’s Design Approval Organization (DAO) will develop the required STCs approving the installation in both platforms.

The Bell 212 is a two-blade, twin engine, medium helicopter that first flew in 1968. It’s a highly successful version of the U.S. Army “Huey” helicopter. It can be configured for 14 passengers and one pilot. Utilized in both civilian and military applications, its considered a workhorse in remote operations and hot and high-altitude conditions.

The Sikorsky S-61model is a heavy lift helicopter initially designed for off-shore oil support and passenger carrying, but now are primarily used for utility work. “The Silkorsky S-61 models are true workhorses, with the modification of EFI displays we are easily bringing cockpit reliability and improved functionality to the pilots,” stated Daryl MacIntosh, CEO Maxcraft Avionics. “The additional connectivity to a multitude of avionics in the cockpit increases situational awareness and redundancy,” added Daryl.

According to Canadian Helicopters’ President & CEO, Don Wall, “Maxcraft has been a long-standing supplier of Canadian Helicopters. We anticipate significant benefit with this retrofit and are pleased to partner with Maxcraft on this initiative.”

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