Omni performs its first international operation in Latin America

Omni performs its first international operation in Latin America 10 Feb, 20, Source: Omni Táxi Aéreo

Omni Táxi Aéreo (OTA) is supporting Karoon in its drilling campaign in block Z38, in Peru. This will be OTA’s first international operation, transporting passengers from the city of Tallara to the Marina 1 well, in the Tumbes basin, approximately 110 km from the base of operations.

Two S76C ++ aircraft were moved from Rio de Janeiro to the city of Tallara. The operation was planned in details, paying attention to the most critical point, crossing the Andes. Commanders Ulisses Zago and João Siddharta were responsible for transfering the aircraft, flying about 2.8 miles over the Andes. Between the city of Tarapoto and Tallara, the operation was divided into two stages, with a refueling stop in the city of El Valor before crossing the highest and most hostile region of the route, with mountain peaks up to 24,000 feet.

The support for the Karoon campaign will last for 50 days. This operation is receiving all the support and expertise from the OTA Operations Team located in Brazil, moving part of its crew, mechanics and flight coordination to serve the client in Tallara.

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