COVID-19 – Avfuel Offers Free FAA-Approved Training During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 – Avfuel Offers Free FAA-Approved Training During COVID-19 Pandemic

15-Apr-2020 Source: Avfuel

As FBOs and fuel handlers face a myriad of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Avfuel Corporation’s taking steps to ensure it serves as a useful resource to ease operational difficulties during this time, including offering free training.

With a mission to help make fueling operations safer by making training more accessible, Avfuel is waiving the initial subscription fee of its FAA-approved Part 139 Line Fuel Safety and Supervisory Courses via the online Avfuel Training System through June 30, 2020. The special offer grants Avfuel customers free access to all of the ATS’ content for a year upon a new initial signup, helping them to fulfill their new and recurrent training needs. Customers can sign up at

“We hope this offering helps our partners focus on what’s important right now—health and safety,” said Randy Harrison, quality assurance supervisor for Avfuel. “Even operations seeing a dip in activity can use this time strategically to meet training requirements and come out of the crisis more prepared.”

In addition to the FAA-approved courses, the Avfuel Training System (ATS) features courses that are always free, including: fuel safety, customer service and Avfuel programs.

Training topics include: fuel handling and fire safety; contaminants and fuel testing methods; procedures for receiving a load of aviation fuel; aviation fueling components; fuel storage systems; mobile refueling equipment; aircraft fueling and general operations, including misfueling prevention; record keeping best practices; procedures for handling DEF; an extensive course on the proper usage, labeling, storage and handling of aviation fuels and additives; and additional comprehensive training focused entirely on fuel system icing inhibitor’s proper usage, storage protocols and handling for added safety measures.

In addition to the special training offer, Avfuel is staying in constant communication with customers, sharing a plethora of resources—from marketing during a crisis to OSHA guidelines, and from CARES Act assistance to ways to reduce stress—to help operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are sent to customers on a weekly basis and are updated at

Furthermore, Avfuel’s subsidiary—Avplan Trip Support—remains operational 24/7/365 to provide customers with updates on coronavirus travel advisories and assess trip feasibility, always at no cost

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