COVID-19 – Airbus provides range of support help for customers

COVID-19 – Airbus provides range of support help for customers

21-May-2020 Source: Airbus Helicopters

Due to the current concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus disease (covid-19), Airbus Helicopters is actively supporting customers by proposing solutions so that they may fly in safe and sanitary conditions.

For this purpose, Airbus Helicopters has published the following Information Notice (IN) and Safety Information Notice (SIN):
• IN 3476-I-12 revision 1 “SERVICING – Disinfection of the helicopter interior and the external handles”
This document provides guidance about disinfection materials and procedures related to indirect contamination on helicopters, workplaces and tools, including the application procedures.

• IN 3492-I-25 revision 4 “EQUIPMENT AND FURNISHINGS – Isolation between cockpit and passenger compartment”
This document provides guidance for aircraft cockpit isolation and details on ventilation covering the BO105, AS350, H135, H145, Dauphin family (SA365/AS365/H155), H175 and Super Puma family (AS332/H225) of helicopters; and for heating and air conditioning systems.

• SIN 3497-S-00 revision 0 “Operational ‘human factor’ risks linked to the covid-19 crisis”
This document supports all operators on the necessary change management associated with covid-19. It aims to increase awareness and to facilitate the identification of possible hazards by providing non-exhaustive examples of points considered to be a risk in view of the covid-19 crisis.

• SIN 3506-S-10 revision 0 “PARKING AND MOORING – Helicopter parking for an extended period of time (work stoppage)”
This document summarises helicopter storage procedures and the soon-to-be-published Service Bulletin to improve storage procedures for helicopters that are stored for six months or less.

These documents in their latest revisions are available through the T.I.P.I. Technical Information Publication portal.

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