DRF Luftrettung H135 and H145 receive EMS equipment

DRF Luftrettung H135 and H145 receive EMS equipment

27-May-2020 Source: DRF Luftrettung

DRF Luftrettung has signed a further framework agreement with Bucher Leichtbau for the HEMS equipment for its helicopters of the types H135 and H145. The air rescue organization has brought its many years of experience and know-how into the configuration of the HEMS kits, especially in the development of the stretcher.

DRF Luftrettung continues to rely on Bucher lightweight construction for the interior of their new machines. The signed framework agreement between the two companies comprises 15 AC70 kits for the H145 and up to 5 AC67 kits for the H135, in the development of which the DRF Luftrettung contributed its extensive practical experience and technical know-how. The stretcher is the new “heart” of the tried and tested interior. The new carrying system for the patient was extensively tested for over a year at two DRF Luftrettung stations before series production and today meets all the requirements of the HEMS crew.

“We have been relying on HEMS equipment from Bucher Leichtbau for years, which meets our high quality requirements. Thanks to our close cooperation, we were able to incorporate our practical experience directly into the development at Bucher Leichtbau. The modularity of the equipment offers us the advantage that it can be adapted to different application profiles, for example for winch rescue or special intensive transport, ”explains Dr. Krystian Pracz, CEO of DRF Luftrettung.

Adapted to the requirements of the crews and the patients

The new carrying system has innovative features that relieve the crew and benefit the patient. This is how the stretcher is optimized for relocation processes: For example, if a patient has to be relocated to an ambulance stretcher on the way between the helicopter and the clinic, this process will be possible even more gently and safely in the future. The crew is relieved because medical devices can also be carried safely. In addition, the newly developed head section of the helicopter stretcher can be adjusted with the aid of power, thus providing the patient with even better care. Last but not least, the entire stretcher ensures even more user safety – especially during the take-off and landing phases of the helicopter and also when used with the patient on the ground.

The new stretcher was first developed for the helicopter type H135 and then modified for the type H145 (on a roller drive system). Thanks to this uniformity, the crews only have to adjust to one system for different helicopter types. The carrying capacity of the stretcher with up to 250 kg could be retained when modified to the helicopter type H145.

In the future: independent installation

DRF Luftrettung was the first user to introduce the stretcher at several stations: the new configurations are already in use in Halle (H135 / H145), Friedrichshafen (H135) and Freiburg (H145). From now on, all new machines will be equipped accordingly within the new HEMS kits. DRF Luftrettung plans to independently equip the HEMS kits in their helicopters in its shipyard at the Operation Center at Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport and will also be able to offer this service to external customers. Appropriate training courses from Bucher Leichtbau for the technicians of DRF Luftrettung are planned.

“We are very pleased that our offer was convincing and that we can continue the successful cooperation with the DRF Luftrettung. Having such an experienced air rescue organization at our side means a lot of added value for us, ”emphasizes Beat Burlet, CEO of Bucher Leichtbau.

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