JSfirm.com Awards Scholarship

JSfirm.com Awards Scholarship 16 Jul, 20, Source: JSfirm.com

JSfirm.com recently awarded scholarships to two aviation students during a virtual webinar on June 24th in partnership with PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association). The original announcement was scheduled to take place in April at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition that was postponed due to the pandemic.

The Aviation Mechanic Student Award, provided by JSfirm.com was awarded to Christian Wood and JuliAnne Miller. Christian attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and JuliAnne attends Lansing Community College. These students each exemplify confidence and academic excellence within their respected programs.

Abbey Hutter, Executive Director of JSfirm.com, said “Awarding scholarships is how we can help.” She continued, “As a company, we strive to work with associations like PAMA to sustain the industry. We believe that through enabling the success of students like Christian and JulieAnne, JSfirm.com is truly supporting at the grassroots level.”

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