Kazan Helicopters certified Ansat simulator

Kazan Helicopters certified Ansat simulator

20-Jul-2020 Source: Russian Helicopters

Kazan Helicopters of Russian Helicopters Holding (part of the Rostec State Corporation) received the conclusion of the Center for Expertise and Certification of Aviation Engineering of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after NOT. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) on the compliance of the Ansat helicopter simulator with all international standards.

Ansat’s comprehensive helicopter simulator (KTV) was tested for compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Experts evaluated such characteristics as the layout and design of the cockpit, flight and engine dynamics simulator, ground control, helicopter systems, acoustic, visual and vibration effects, navigation, etc. As a result of the examination, a positive conclusion was given.

“Certification of the Ansat helicopter complex simulator according to ICAO standards is one of the important achievements of our enterprise. The KVZ Aviation Training Center is waiting for the first students to undergo simulator training on the Ansat simulator in August 2020. Foreign customer representatives will be trained: for export deliveries, pilot training is included in the price helicopter, “said Yuri Pustovgarov, Managing Director of Kazan Helicopter Plant .

The aircraft model was made on the basis of flight test data provided by the KVZ experimental design bureau. The cabin and the interior of the simulator are genuine. Instead of real devices, simulators adapted for work as part of the simulator are used; their appearance and functionality fully correspond to the originals.

The comprehensive simulator of the Ansat helicopter is equipped with a visualization system that provides full visibility from the pilot’s seat. With its help, two flight areas are reproduced: Kazan, including the KVZ flight test complex, and Sochi. A vibrating platform and audio system help recreate the vibrational and acoustic effects of flight. With the help of the simulator, trained pilots will be able to practice actions in various conditions, including in dangerous and emergency situations.

The development and manufacture of the Ansat integrated simulator was carried out in accordance with the investment project “Development Concept of the Helicopter Training Center of the Russian Helicopters Aviation Training Center”.

The KVZ training center is also equipped with the Mi-8MTV helicopter complex simulator. The cockpit of the simulator is adapted to simulate pilot training at night with night vision goggles. In addition, the simulator is equipped with a vibroacoustic installation that simulates the vibration and sounds of a helicopter, depending on the flight mode and conditions.

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