MedEvac Foundation Invites Participants to Virtual Event

MedEvac Foundation Invites Participants to Virtual Event 3 Aug, 20, Source: MedEvac

Dedicated to helping medical transport personnel improve mental heath and wellness, MedEvac Foundation International (the Foundation) has announced an on-going virtual run/walk/roll event this year, called Run to Help The Helpers, as part of its ‘Taking Care of Our Own’ programs.

To date, 132 participants have registered – many of them sponsored by their respective employers – including Metro Aviation and Life Link III with a goal of at least 400 participants and an overall fundraising goal of $111,000- $71,000 of which is tied to the 1,000 mile cycling ride of Howard Ragsdale, Foundation Board Chairman, who turns 71 in November.

The Foundation supports all first responders working in emergency medical services whether by airplane, helicopter, ground transport, or vessel. These ambulance crews keep the window of time open during that “golden hour” when critical medical care determines life or death. Despite every effort, sadly some of these patients cannot be saved and spirited to safety.

“These repeated tragic scenes of pain and agony are brought home by first responders and are a constant burden and cannot be erased from memory,” said Cameron Curtis, Foundation President and CEO. “Often our helpers are the ones in need of help, therefore, the donations raised by our Run to Help the Helpers is so critical. We invite you to join our virtual event and make a difference,” she added.

MedEvac Foundation International provides a range of services including mental health support, in-person and virtual wellness training, mindfulness instruction, safety instruction, substance abuse recovery, PTSD resources, and family grants. These resources provide first responders with the tools they need to better deal with their daily front line work that is critically needed.

Organize a team, donate, or sponsor the 2020 Run to Help the Helpers by visiting or emailing Jared Hughes for more information.

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