Airbus Fleet Master presents uninterrupted data chain

Airbus Fleet Master presents uninterrupted data chain

7-Aug-2020 Source: Airbus Helicopters

The amount of data generated by helicopters, and the data’s complexity, has grown in the last decades, increasing the workload to compile and follow them consistently and comprehensively.

The digitisation of helicopter operations helps leverage the exchanges across functions and organisations to optimise interactions in fleet management. It reduces pressure and risks and cuts workload and costs.

To respond to this operational complexity, Airbus Helicopters together with its partner Rusada, a global aviation software provider, has designed a light Maintenance Information System called Fleet Master, aimed at supporting small and medium-sized operators and maintainers.

Based on Rusada’s industry-leading software ENVISION, Fleet Master is an integrated solution that enables operators and maintainers to manage airworthiness-related activities (CAMO), maintenance execution and inventory management. It features pre-configured systems with generic processes, roles and workflows.

Fleet Master’s main benefits are threefold:
–    It enhances operational safety thanks to robust airworthiness management
–    It improves fleet availability thanks to an efficient way to plan maintenance and associated resources
–    It optimises costs thanks to workload reduction, through the automation of activities and their integration into Airbus Helicopters’ uninterrupted data chain.

Fleet Master is easy to deploy
As a hosted solution, it does not require any infrastructure set-up and can easily be initialised with a set of Airbus’ aircraft configuration and maintenance data.
Fleet Master is easy to use
As a web-based application, it is accessible anywhere, anytime and offers a user-friendly interface.
The data is securely stored on a Cloud, allowing instant synchronisation and access by all actors and stakeholders in an operator’s organisation.
Fleet Master is compatible with mixed fleets
It allows operators to centralise all maintenance and airworthiness management regardless of the aircraft type or manufacturer.

Fleet Master is fully integrated in Airbus Helicopters’ uninterrupted data chain. 
It is interfaced with FleetKeeper, the digital Technical Logbook and with digital logcard processes. Moreover, as Fleet Master is compatible with Airbus Helicopters’ online digital analytics services, customers can access a full set of added-value applications available on the AirbusWorld collaborative platform.

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