Wings Air Helicopters Puts Newly Acquired SHOTOVER F1 to Work

Wings Air Helicopters Puts Newly Acquired SHOTOVER F1 to Work 3 Sep, 20, Source: SHOTOVER

Kicking off the 2020 MTV VMAs this past weekend from high above Manhattan at Edge Hudson Yards and Skyline Drive-In in Greenpoint, Wings Air Helicopters took things to the next level for The Weeknd’s opening performance with their SHOTOVER F1.

Working in conjunction with fellow SHOTOVER customers, Team5, Vancal Cine, and Aerial Filmworks, Javier Diaz, Wings Air Helicopters’ Founder, President, and Chief Pilot, flew the Skyline camera helicopter with his F1 along with Aerial DP John Trapman, capturing smooth, sweeping shots of New York City and performances by Maluma, KEKE, and CNCO. The Edge camera helicopter featured a second SHOTOVER F1 provided by Team5 Aerial Systems, flown by well-known stunt pilot Fred North and Aerial DP Hans Bjerno, seen multiple times during the televised performance. Wings Air also supplied an R44 helicopter for the shoot, equipped with a night sun spotlight to light up the stage, flown by pilot Ben Skorstad with Kevin Siroka from Wings Air controlling the spotlight. Ground coordinators Peggy North and Jonathan Capellan from Wings Air were working at both locations during the performances.

“We filmed over 3 evenings last week and we could not have accomplished all the shots wanted from production without the SHOTOVER F1,” said Javier Diaz of Wings Air Helicopters. “I had worked with the F1 previously and was impressed by its versatility, so I’m thrilled to have it as a part of the equipment I can offer to customers.”

Diaz added that as productions begin to resume, he looks forward to utilizing the F1 on a wide variety of film, television, and commercial shoots throughout New York and the World.

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