Aviation Jobs – statistical comparison between 2019 and 2020

Aviation Jobs – statistical comparison between 2019 and 2020

17-Sep-2020 Source: HeliHub.com

Jobs website JSFirm reported this week that the number of applicants registering on their site for free accounts has risen by 147%, thus two and a half times the number compared to this time last year.  These job seekers come from all experience levels, from recent graduates to executive-level aviation professionals, and across all facets of aviation – not just helicopters.

On working further with the company’s marketing coordinator, Lauren Miller, she advised HeliHub.com that the number of vacancies has shown a marked trend through the pandemic as well. In April and May, many employers pulled their advertising for numerous reasons, and at one point the site was 55% down on the number of available jobs when compared to the steady trend of 2019. Today they are still looking at 25% down, but that’s a remarkable improvement in 4-5 months.

Comparing the job seekers up approx 150% and the job adverts down 25%, suggests there are 3.3 times as many job seekers per job compared to 12 months ago.

It should be remembered that JSFirm is particularly strong in the US and it would be fair to suggest that this statistical conclusion is primarily the US market.

As the pandemic continues, and the airline industry looks at 4-5 years to get back to 2019 passenger volumes, it’s very clear that our industry will continue to face the crisis in one way or another for a long time yet.

Jeremy Parkin – HeliHub.com

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