Korean National Police to expand KUH-1 fleet to 10

Korean National Police to expand KUH-1 fleet to 10 6 Oct, 20, Source: KAI

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.(KAI) signed a contract with public procurement service to deliver two KUH-1P(CHAMSURI) worth as \47.1 billion-won. Two helicopters will be delivered to customer by February 2023.

CHAMSURI is based on SURION adapted for police missions such as integrated defense, counter-terrorism, traffic management etc. It is also characterized equipping wireless transmission of aerial images, electro optic-infrared camera, search lights which enables real-time spot check and controls. Especially, two additional CHAMSURI are expected to broaden its capabilities with newly installed EMS kit including oxygenator, automated external defibrillator and air conditioning system allowing patient evacuation in broiling summer.

National police agency was the first customer operating SURION-based helicopters among domestic government agencies and totally ten CHAMSURI are purchased from police including this contract.

KAI said, “Customer’s satisfaction with CHAMSURI performance are high and we are targeting higher operation ratio through prompt engineering and follow-up support that only KAI can do.”

The first Korean helicopter, KUH-1, is produced for the army in 2012 derived to seven different purposes as marine utility, police, emergency medical, forest service and coast guard.

Korea had no choice, but to rely on foreign helicopters and this made Korea face unexpected situations having very high operating cost, engineering support delay, work efficiency decrease and low compatibility of training before Korea made its own helicopter, Surion.

Current helicopter market size in Korea is about 120 helicopters and KUH only takes up to 16 helicopters having 10 of police, 2 of emergency medical, 1 of forest service and 3 of coast guard.

KAI have strong will to hold a lead over foreign helicopters on the basis of immediate follow-up service and thus expand the domestic market.

To enable this plan, KAI manage 14 offices in Korea to support continuous engineering service and specialized training center is also located in KAI headquarter reducing the training cost with site advantage.

Abroad exhibitions are cancelled due to covid-19, however, KAI don’t stop marketing activities inviting 16 countries ambassador to introduce aerospace industries in Korea and providing opportunities boarding the CHAMSURI.


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