New paint shop opened at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

New paint shop opened at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

9-Oct-2020 Source: Rostec

In June, the enterprise completed the investment project “Modernization and development of paint production”. The new painting building, equipped with modern technological equipment, allows to improve the quality of painting, improve working conditions and reduce the production cycle by at least 15%. The guests were shown new technologies for painting the helicopter – with the help of projection laser marking of the pattern.

“The projects of complex technological re-equipment, which we are implementing with the support of Rostec, give life to new products, allow us to expand the product line. They reduce the labor intensity of helicopter production, reduce the share of manual labor, and make it possible to widely introduce digital technologies,” said Andrey Boginsky . – The modernization of U-UAZ does not end there – today the modernization of galvanic production is being completed, work is underway on the construction of a logistics complex, which will allow to concentrate in one place all the components and materials for creating helicopters and thereby free up production areas. Alexey Sambuevich and I are discussing the possibility of using this territory for a technopark. ”

The unique design of the equipment of the new hull will make it possible to paint helicopters of the Mi-8/171 type in two independent streams, while up to 6 helicopters can be in operation at different stages of the cycle simultaneously. If necessary, large-sized aircraft can be painted (up to 25 m long, up to 22 m wide, up to 6.5 m high, weighing up to 22.5 tons).

Spray-drying booths with automated systems for maintaining and monitoring technological parameters and filters that reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, make it possible to set and automatically maintain air exchange, temperature, air humidity, which will allow stable, without modifications, to obtain high-quality coatings. Circulating water supply systems, air purification, prevention and elimination of emergencies, automation of engineering systems will improve the level of production safety.

In addition, the new building provides optimal working conditions – there are working areas with optimal air exchange modes, temperature and humidity indicators, illumination, as well as an isolated area for preparing product surfaces before painting.

The new hull of the final painting is designed to meet the production needs of U-UAZ for the manufactured products, however, technical solutions provide for the possibility of painting advanced equipment of its own production, as well as newly manufactured and operated aircraft from third-party manufacturers and operators.

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