Eliance launches two H145s for Madrid EMS contract

Eliance launches two H145s for Madrid EMS contract

5-Nov-2020 Source: Comunidad de Madrid

[electronic translations] The Community of Madrid has renewed the two medical helicopters of the SUMMA 112 (the Medical Emergency Service of the Community of Madrid) destined to attend to emergencies that occur in the region. The new model of these aircraft, which came into operation on November 1, is the Airbus H145. It is a last generation helicopter specially designed and conceived for care work, both for ergonomics, patient safety and versatility. They are, in short, two helicopters with the highest performance, prepared to intervene in any environment and place in the Madrid geography.

Some of these characteristics are, for example, having a rear door, which is very useful for entry and extraction of the stretcher – which admits a weight of up to 250 kilograms, has a system of folding wheels and allows carrying a vacuum mattress for the polytraumatized patient- or of the highly complex incubator in the case of neonates that require it, as well as for the use of medical equipment and oxygen systems, which can also be managed from the inside.

Also the fact that the tail rotor is faired (protected in the fuselage, which is known as a fenestron) serves to increase safety when the aircraft lands in spaces where the civilian population is concentrated, and thus reduce risk. of the boarding and disembarking operations of patients and healthcare personnel even with the rotors turning.

In addition, the aircraft are equipped with all the electromedical equipment that SUMMA 112 professionals work with, such as mechanical cardiocompressor devices for advanced Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, a defibrillator monitor, emergency ventilator, perfusion pumps, etc., equivalent to that available in the Mobile ICUs, in an even smaller space than these. The cabin of this helicopter model, however, is spacious and has a volume of 8 cubic meters.

They also have a duplicate independent and secure communication system with the SUMMA 112 working frequencies and intercom systems that allow communication between aeronautical and health personnel. Also, it is a very quiet helicopter, which improves the quality of the transfer by minimizing noise stress.

The SUMMA 112 emergency helicopters are also characterized by housing a large health crew compared to other air medical transport systems in Spain and abroad, composed of a doctor, nurse and Health Emergency Technician, who are added in flight the pilot and the HEMS crew, non-medical personnel. They all travel seated and have their own space. The SUMMA 112 medical personnel assigned to the helicopters are conducting a training course to familiarize themselves with the technical and operational characteristics of the new aircraft model. In addition, they are offered the possibility of carrying out one hour of training in maneuvers per week.

Life-threatening situations

SUMMA 112 has two medical helicopters operating every day of the year, in addition to the rest of the mobile emergency resources by road (28 mobile ICUs and 16 Rapid Intervention Vehicles). They are Advanced Vital Supports that are used when there is a vital risk or the patient has a compromised fundamental organ. Helicopters guarantee equity in healthcare provision as they enable that, whatever the emergency location in the region, all inhabitants have quick access to the most suitable hospital for this pathology.

On May 29, 2020, the Helicopter Service and its use in the provision of health care proper to the Madrid Medical Emergency Service SUMMA 112, with an award amount of 2,571,300 euros, to the company Eliance Helicopter Global Services SL As a result of this award, on November 1 of this year, some aircraft, model AIRBUS H145, will enter service at the Las Rozas and Lozoyuela bases, which are maintained.

The SUMMA 112 helicopters have carried out a total of 516 interventions so far in 2020 and have transferred 176 patients to different hospitals.



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