R44 Cadet Enters Service with ICE Helicopters

R44 Cadet Enters Service with ICE Helicopters

10-Nov-2020 Source: ICE Helicopters

ICE Helicopters, a leading helicopter training provider. Has introduced the Robinson R44 Cadet into the most diverse ab intio training fleet in the country.
The newest edition to the fleet, the Robinson R44 Cadet which first flew with ICE on the 1st of October, has already proven popular with students.
Neil Day, head of training comments that “it’s a more cost effective platform for students to learn on and it has better cockpit ergonomics, in particular it’s much easier for the student to see the engine gauges compared to our other R44’s.”
ICE Helicopters also operates Clipper I and Clipper II models, in comparison the Cadet has a lower maximum takeoff weight with the derated engine producing 185hp max continuous and a 5 minute take off rating of 210hp and yet despite the limitations it is well within its weight limits even with full fuel and two people (@ 100 kilos each) upfront.
Other advantages of the R44 Cadet include a longer time between overhauls of 2400 hours instead of 2200 and that Robinson tell us that it is also almost impossible to get it out of center of gravity with a full fuel load.
Neil also adds that “It is already proving beneficial for our students as learning on the Cadet qualifies them to fly any R44 and makes transitioning to the turbine powered R66 far easier.

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