PS Engineering responds to customer requests with latest PAC45J audio controller

PS Engineering responds to customer requests with latest PAC45J audio controller 3 Dec, 20, Source: PS Engineering

Since the invention of the first widget, every innovation has been greeted with two statements, “That’s wonderful,’ followed by “Can you make it bigger, faster, do this or that?”.

The same is true of PS Engineering’s innovative and successful PAC45-series. The PAC45 in 2017, but more control heads and inputs were wanted, so the PAC45 came out in 2018, the PAC45A in 2019, the PAC45D added dual control head functionality in early 2020. But customers wanted more. More knobs, more controls.

PS Engineering is now growing the family again with the PAC45J, a 2.64-inch tall Dzus Control Head with switch control for eight communication and eight navigation receivers. Designed for maxim capability in jets, the PAC45J offers 16 push/pull selection and volume controls that can be exactly configured to match the cockpit requirements. The control head includes bush button access to Oxygen microphones and navaid identifier filter.

The bullet points:

  • Digital system for ease of installation
  • Dzus width, 2.64” height
  • Up to 8 Communications Transceivers with individual volume controls
  • Up to 8 Switched Navaid Inputs with individual volume controls
  • Up to 5 unswitched Audio Inputs
  • Independent Audio Alert Function with 9 field programmable messages
  • Up To 4 Control Heads can be used
  • Up to 9 Stereo Intercom Stations
  • Stereo Audio Output 200mW per channel minimum
  • Receive Audio Indicator (RXI)
  • Intercom active during radio transmission (TXI)
  • Reversionary modes for redundancy
  • Unlimited Custom Bezel Options
  • Custom Bezel Label
  • Black and Gray Bezels
  • Two CVR Audio Outputs
  • Two 10W Speaker Outputs (Pilot Radio & PA)
  • Built-in Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • MultiTalker® Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF)
  • Morse Code Identifier Filter
  • Oxygen Mask Microphone panel activation
  • ICS Cabin Call function
  • Installer configurable without a computer
  • Designed for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft

“Once again we heard the voice of the customer and responded,” said Greg Ledbetter, PS Engineering’s the PAC45 Program Specialist. “Pilots and operators needed a complete suite of fully controllable audio for the cockpit, and we worked to provide exactly what they need, with ultimate built-in customization.”

A PAC45J System starts at. Deliveries will begin in Q1 2021.

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