Air Methods CEO interviewed on the challenges of leadership

Air Methods CEO interviewed on the challenges of leadership

7-Dec-2020 Source: Air Methods

As part of their women leadership series, Authority Magazine recently interviewed our CEO, JaeLynn Williams, about her leadership at one of the country’s largest air medical service providers.

JaeLynn spoke with Phil La Duke from Authority Magazine about the unconventional path that led her to where she is today, the excitement and challenges of being an executive, and personal stories in her role as CEO of Air Methods.

Williams also opened up about being a female leader and shared advice she has learned along the way for female leaders to help their team thrive.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

“Something I am really passionate about is making air medical services more accessible to patients all over the country. We have bases in almost every state, and we have worked hard to go in-network with insurance companies so that the people we serve do not get caught in the middle of the billing process. When you are recovering from a traumatic injury or illness, the last thing you want to do is get stuck navigating the financial side of healthcare.”

“I am drawn to the idea that one gesture, one effort, can change someone. I have tried to apply it to my life by mentoring others the way I have been throughout my career.”

Additionally, Jaelynn offered advice to female leaders: “You need to understand your market, your customers, and your team. You really need to gather information and listen. I have found that it is invaluable to talk directly to your employees at every level. You learn so much more and get to the root of issues much faster. Communication is key. You have to confidently set the direction of the company and explain it clearly. The more accessible you are to your employees, the more you can learn from them. People will seize the opportunity to talk to their company’s leader and affect change. You can understand your business so much better when you take this approach.”

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