Naval Supply Systems Command addresses V-22 supply concern

Naval Supply Systems Command addresses V-22 supply concern

15-Jan-2021 Source: US Navy

Rear Adm. Doug Noble, commander, Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, and Rear. Adm. Casey Moton, Program Executive Officer, Unmanned and Small Combatants, signed a strategic Memorandum of Agreement on Dec. 4, 2020 regarding supply support for the Guided Missile Frigate, also known as FFG 62 Constellation Class. The MOA establishes a mutual framework governing the organizational goals, relationships, responsibilities, and acquisition activities between NAVSUP WSS and PEO USC, as they relate to the Constellation Class Frigate (CCF) Program Office.
“NAVSUP WSS is very excited about this partnership agreement, particularly for its strong alignment with Naval Sustainment System (NSS)-Supply goals,” said Noble. “The teams at NAVSUP Headquarters, NAVSUP WSS, PEO USC and the CCF Program Office have been working tirelessly to bring this to fruition. Not only will it help our teams perform their jobs to meet the mission, but ultimately prepares a more lethal, war-ready Navy faster than ever before!”
The agreement institutes a strategy to implement accelerated support of the entire FFG 62 class during the outfitting, post-delivery, and initial operating stages of the program. By capturing technical and configuration data in the detail design and construction phase, modeling and simulating performance outcomes to determine readiness requirements, and leveraging strategic contracting between NAVSEA and NAVSUP WSS, this agreement will expedite spares delivery to the supply shelves and the fleet.
“We see this MOA as the vehicle to facilitate better supply support and readiness for our shipmates around the globe through sustainment of the Navy’s Constellation Class Frigates,” said Rear Adm. Moton. “This is a blueprint for success that leads to war readiness at delivery for these ships which will be critical for our Navy,” he added.
Reduction of interim supply support arrangements between the CCF program office and NAVSUP WSS are specifically targeted as a primary goal of the MOA based on the technical maturity and robust understanding of the reliability of the proposed Frigate parent design and associated Government Furnished Equipment.
“Historically, in maritime surface programs, a PEO and NAVSUP WSS have never been so integrated during ship design selection phases and early acquisition planning,” said Stephanie Enck, Maritime Unmanned and Small Combatant Deputy Director, NAVSUP WSS. “This will enable us to strategically plan product support, life cycle sustainment, and budget requirements to support the required operational availability of the FFG 62 class. I truly believe through using the MOA and through continued transparency of data transfer between both organizations, FFG 62 class will be able to achieve full NAVSUP material support upon the delivery of the ship.”
The CCF Program Office acquisition strategy is predicated upon leveraging existing programs of record, with the primary hull, mechanical, and electrical systems based upon an established parent design. Additional benefits that will be realized through establishment of this MOA include improved design and construction processes by utilizing cross-Systems Command (SYSCOM) personnel; establishing a framework for validation and verification of a singular readiness model for use as the authoritative FFG 62 class sustainment and sparing model; and, rooting metric tracking in those that most directly impact FFG 62 class key performance parameters.
“This MOA represents both SYSCOMS recognizing and acting upon the need for robust planning for sustainment from ship design and construction phases all the way through fleet introduction and beyond,” said Jonas Brown, Director of Product Support & Readiness for the CCF Program Office. “By leveraging better modeling, by better integrating our teams, and by building accountability into every step of our processes, the PEO USC and NAVSUP teams are well positioned to deliver and sustain a world class ship that will be first to fight for the next 50 years.”
NAVSUP WSS is one of 11 commands under Commander, NAVSUP. Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP’s mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter

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