AT Systems Spatial Disorientation Device meets NTSB Recommendation

AT Systems Spatial Disorientation Device meets NTSB Recommendation

10-Feb-2021 Source: AT Systems

AT Systems patented device trains pilots for degraded visual environment conditions during routine training flights. This unique device is the latest technology in training for spatial disorientation and low visibility events such as Inadvertent IMC, brown-out, or white-out conditions.  The NTSB has identified in aircraft spatial disorientation training as a key factor in preventing accidents where spatial disorientation is a factor.
The device attaches to a helmet without modification and produces a degraded visual environment controlled by an instructor or safety pilot-operated iPad. This mode of training allows the pilot to experience both simulated visibility and the actual sensations the body feels during flight while providing multiple patented safety override features. While flight simulators reduce visibility and give the illusion of movement, the ATS device provides reduced visibility while actually moving, significantly increasing the likelihood of visual and vestibular illusions. This form of pilot training with the ATS Device and AT Systems training program is ideal for reduced visibility training, a common cause of helicopter accidents where spatial disorientation is a factor.
AT Systems is currently going through the AWR process that is required to use this device onboard US Army aircraft.  In the civilian sector, AT Systems has both helmet mounted models and non-helmet models.
“AT Systems has developed equipment and training to solve a problem that continues to plague helicopter aviation” states Tyson Phillips, co-founder, AT Systems. “The use of the ATS Device during in aircraft training will potentially change the safety of helicopter aviation around the world”

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