Hillsboro Aero Academy launches 12 month professional pilot program

Hillsboro Aero Academy launches 12 month professional pilot program

21-May-2021 Source: Hillsboro Aero Academy

Hillsboro Aero Academy, a U.S.-based leading provider of helicopter and airplane pilot career training, announced today the launch of new Accelerated pacing for its flagship Airplane Professional Pilot Program. The Accelerated track is based on FAA approval of a newly developed syllabus that reduces the minimum flight hours for the Commercial Pilot Certificate, allowing students to complete the full program in as little as 12 months.

The Accelerated track is designed for students who are able to commit themselves full-time to their flight training and to realize the benefits of consistency and persistent flight activity. The reward for this persistence is a much faster and more cost-efficient path to a career start, with the student prepared to fly professionally about six months sooner than a Standard training track. Recognizing that some students benefit from a slower pace and/or face outside obligations that impact their training time, HAA will continue to offer its Standard pacing, at an estimated 16-18 months completion timeline.

Both tracks offer the same high standards of an ACCSC accredited, FAA Part 141 school and include the following ratings: Private Pilot (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), CFI Instrument (CFII), and Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI).

Prior to FAA approval of HAA’s revised Part 141 syllabus, flight schools offering accelerated tracks have done so under a less rigorous Part 61 syllabus, with potentially significant compromises to training quality. HAA’s new Accelerated pacing is a breakthrough for Part 141 training because it does not compromise on the flight academy experience: students enjoy group ground training, a campus community with support staff, available housing, large fleets, and onsite maintenance to ensure aircraft availability.

“The new Accelerated pacing under the FAA-approved syllabus aligns with our mission to honor each student’s personal path to achieving their dream of flight,” said Natalia Cimpean, CEO of Hillsboro Aero Academy. “It provides a very efficient option for students eager to take faster advantage of the coming surge in pilot demand, and most importantly, it does so without compromising on the quality for which Hillsboro Aero Academy is known around the world.”

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