HeliOffshore launches Human Hazard Analysis framework

HeliOffshore launches Human Hazard Analysis framework

30-Jun-2021 Source: HeliOffshore

HeliOffshore launched the Human Hazard Analysis (HHA) standardised approach to provide a framework and methodology to the design and maintenance of critical tasks and components for aircraft manufacturers.

HHA invites our industry to form a positive, proactive habit of learning from everyday practice. It provides a methodology to identify and assess the risk to critical human tasks in the design and maintenance of aircraft. HHA enhances frontline safety by closing the gap between the manufacturer design engineers and the operator maintainers to enhance error tolerant design and critical task processes. It also provides engineers with the tools and knowledge they need to consider human factors during the design process.

HeliOffshore Chief Operating Officer, François Lassale said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Human Hazard Analysis standardised approach for aircraft manufacturers. This is another significant step in our mission to ensure no lives are lost in offshore aviation.

“HHA has been developed in collaboration with industry experts to improve safety performance. It challenges our industry to enhance the connections between designers and maintainers through effective error tolerant design of critical components and tasks. The focus is on shared problem solving through proactive management and collaboration.

“The result is a methodology which enables aircraft manufacturers to gain insight, improve design and reduce risk hazards through a standardised approach.

“We look forward to working with our members to apply and implement these practices within their organisations.”

In step with the standardised approach, HeliOffshore will be delivering HHA ‘train the trainer’ workshops for manufacturers, from 29 June until 1 July, via a series of interactive sessions with HeliOffshore human factors experts, Dr Simon Gill and Dr Hazel Courteney. HeliOffshore will also provide specialist training for helicopter operator members and the OEM support engineers this Autumn.

The workshops are designed for executive and management briefings, theoretical sessions and applied case study sessions. They teach why maintenance human factors is important, what techniques are available, how they will benefit frontline teams and how HHA complements normal design process.

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