Hill Helicopters now accepting deposits in Bitcoin

Hill Helicopters now accepting deposits in Bitcoin

9-Aug-2021 Source: Hill Helicopters

Bitcoin is taking to the skies with an exciting partnership between CoinCorner and Hill Helicopters, which sees the private helicopter company accepting Bitcoin for its luxury aircraft.
Bitcoin is rapidly growing as a payment method, made possible by Bitcoin payment gateway services like CoinCorner Checkout and forward-thinking companies keen to gain a competitive edge. Offering global customer reach, lower fees than traditional payment services and no chargebacks or fraud, Bitcoin is a payment option every company should be considering.
Jason Hill, Founder and CEO of Hill Helicopters, said: “In what was a first for Hill Helicopters, we have just accepted payment in Bitcoin from a client for the HX50 helicopter, with several more to follow. This was processed through CoinCorner, and represents an exciting new dimension to placing an order for this stunning luxury aircraft, one that will particularly suit private pilot-owners.”
Ben Collins, Business Development Manager at CoinCorner, added: “We’re really excited to announce this unique partnership; it’s been a pleasure to work with Hill Helicopters to help grow Bitcoin adoption in the aviation sector.
“We’re seeing an increase in consumer demand to pay for high-value vehicles with Bitcoin. Two of our Checkout partners, Rex Motor Company and SkillanNaylor Car Company, have sold a number of cars for Bitcoin, with an average price of £40,000 per vehicle.”

CoinCorner Checkout is available to businesses in the Isle of Man, UK and most of Europe.

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