Second Airbus H145 arrives in Chile for Ecocopter

Second Airbus H145 arrives in Chile for Ecocopter

9-Aug-2021 Source: Ecocopter

[electronic translation] Three years ago, the H145 was the world’s market leader in light twin-engine helicopter sales. In Chile, there is only one aircraft of this type to date, and it belongs to Ecocopter, the first national firm to incorporate this “titan of the air” with cutting-edge technology into its “air squad”. However, the Chilean company did it again, adding a second helicopter to consolidate its fleet in this part of the continent.

Due to its safety and power characteristics in high altitude conditions, the H145 became the first new generation twin-engine helicopter destined for the utility market in Chile, consolidating air services with high safety standards for this type of mission and especially in the mining sector where today it accounts for 95% of its operation. The new H145 from Brazil, has about 1,400 flight hours, so before starting its operations, a scheduled maintenance will be performed as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual, it will start its certification process with the DGAC, a artistic painting as a hallmark of the company and crews will be trained in order to have it operational in the last quarter of the year.

The H145 not only has remarkable capabilities for different operations, but also has great performance at high altitudes allowing high tonnage precision loads. Its four-bladed main rotor has a low acoustic level, it is optimal for missions of all kinds, especially in hostile environments and congested areas, such as large cities. In Chile, it will provide services corresponding to industrial, passenger and air cargo transportation jobs.

“We are proud to introduce the H145 in Chile, where we have established ourselves in highly complex services, incorporating new technologies every year. Today we incorporate a new aircraft of this type to our fleet, the second that flies over the country and belongs to Ecocopter. With this, our company maintains its leadership in the helicopter industry with an eye toward safety, innovation and efficiency that we make available to our customers, ”says Francisco Arriagada, Ecocopter’s Commercial Manager.

Another advantage of the H145 is its great versatility and the possibility of being quickly reconfigured for other missions, such as emergency medical transport. With its spacious cabin, flat floor and the ease of loading offered by the sliding side doors and double tailgate, the H145 is the best helicopter in its class for this type of operation.

In short, it is a complete helicopter that offers technology, safety and performance; autonomy of 2h 39min, as well as a cruising speed of 248 km / h (134 knots), all this without leaving behind the elegance and style that is appreciated when taking flight.

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