Christoph 37 passes landmark 20,000th mission

Christoph 37 passes landmark 20,000th mission

23-Aug-2021 Source: DRF Luftrettung

Christoph 37, the red and white helicopter of the DRF Luftrettung, is needed in the region around Nordhausen – his operational figures show that. On Friday, August 13, 2021, the crew turned 20,000. Alarmed times.

A serious heart attack, a head-on collision on the country road – a life is often at stake when the crews of Christoph 37 go on a mission. If the alarm rings out in the Nordhausen station, the pilot, emergency doctor and paramedic are in the air within two minutes .

A man has a seizure

So also with her 20,000. Use since DRF Luftrettung took over flight operations in 2006, when an elderly man suddenly suffered a severe seizure – around 30 kilometers from the station . He needed emergency medical help as soon as possible and Christoph 37 took off for heaven.

Quick help from the air

After a short flight , the pilot landed the machine on a sports field, the local fire brigade brought an emergency doctor and paramedic to the patient as quickly as possible. The air rescuers examined the man carefully , connected him to monitoring equipment, and given him anticonvulsant medication. He was then taken to a clinic for further diagnosis and care.

On the return flight to the station, the crew received the next alert . The Nordhausen rescue helicopter was called to a two-year-old in Braunlage to bring the little girl rapid emergency medical help after an accident.

Background to the Nordhausen station

The DRF Luftrettung helicopter, manned by a pilot, an emergency doctor and an emergency paramedic, starts on rescue missions from the Südharzklinikum in Nordhausen . Christoph 37 is ready for action daily from 7:00 a.m. to sunset and is requested in the districts of Nordhausen, Harz, Goslar, Osterode, Eichsfeld, Kyffhäuser, Unstrut-Hainich, Sömmerda, Erfurt and Mansfeld-Südharz. The crews can reach locations within a radius of 60 kilometers in a maximum of 15 minutes by flight .

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