First S-300CBi produced by Schweizer RSG sold to New Zealand

First S-300CBi produced by Schweizer RSG sold to New Zealand

26-Aug-2021 Source: Oceania Aviation

Oceania Aviation has secured the sale of what will be the first S-300CBi off Schweizer’s new factory line.  This is the first S-300CBi production model since the purchase of the Schweizer assets by Schweizer RSG in 2018, and a significant milestone for the Schweizer aircraft and its proven helicopter line.
Oceania Aviation, an approved distributor of Schweizer RSG aircraft, has confirmed the order of the factory-new Schweizer CBi model on behalf of Helifly. Helifly is an established client of Oceania Aviation based in NSW (Australia) and operates a significant flight training business alongside further flight operations. The client is a repeat customer for both Oceania Aviation and Schweizer, with Oceania’s aircraft sales team having sold Helifly a classic 1970 S-300C in April 2014 and organised the export to Australia. Their Components team has also been providing service for the 300C since the original sale. Helifly has been highly satisfied with the performance, design and safety record of the Schweizer and has subsequently chosen to replace its current 300C with the a new 2021 S-300CBi model.  The helicopter on order is due for completion by the end of this year.
This deal cements Oceania Aviation’s strong relationship with Schweizer RSG as an approved maintenance facility and aircraft distributor. “Oceania is a valued provider for Schweizer. The relationships they forge and quality service they provide help ensure the fleet is serviced and continues to grow.  We are very appreciative of their efforts in maintaining and growing the knowledge and interest of Schweizer amongst the rotor community throughout New Zealand.  The purchase of the S-300CBi by Helifly is a testimonial of what an excellent alliance they have with their customers.” Said David Horton, President, Schweizer RSG.
Since 2018, Schweizer RSG has demonstrated a strong focus on supporting the global fleet with comprehensive parts and service.  As of 2021 the company has moved into production of new helicopters.  The manufacture of Helifly’s 300CBi comes shortly after Schweizer’s announcement of their first 300C model, which has been built and delivered to a customer in Senegal in August 2021.

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