LCI grounds two Elitaliana AW169s

LCI grounds two Elitaliana AW169s

2-Sep-2021 Source:

There are very few countries where the national registration authority openly lists a registration cancellation as being due to an IDERA (Irrevocable Deregistration and Export Request Authorisation).  The website of CAA in Australia describes an IDERA as “a voluntary measure that provides greater security to creditors by preventing a debtor from flying an aircraft to a jurisdiction where the Cape Town Convention does not apply.”

In early August, lessor LCI used this process to ground two Leonardo AW169s which they lease to Italian operator Elitaliana, who in turn flies them for EMS work from their heliport at Fonte di Papa on the outskirts of Rome.  Both aircraft carry Irish registrations.

We hope that these parties can sort out the situation and get these two helicopters back flying once again.

We note that a third AW169 leased from LCI to Elitaliana has not flown since mid April, but remains current on the Irish register.

Photo used with permission of photographer Daniel Veronesi

Photo by Daniel Veronesi

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