DRF upgrades Christoph 53 to Airbus H145

DRF upgrades Christoph 53 to Airbus H145

30-Nov-2021 Source: DRF Luftrettung

The most modern helicopter , which is currently used in civil air rescue , is now also flying in Mannheim: As of today, an H145 will take off as the new Christoph 53. A glass cockpit with large screens, a powerful autopilot and a new interior concept in the cabin make the crew’s work easier and contribute to even better patient care.

Martin Beitzel, station manager and pilot, proudly presents the new Christoph 53: “We are very pleased that we are now starting our missions here in Mannheim with an H145, the most modern helicopter currently used in air rescue. Just a look into the cockpit shows the difference to the previous machine: All flight data – for example on the engines or the flight situation – are shown to us pilots on large-format displays . With the new Christoph 53, we can now even better meet our claim of providing the best possible care for our patients in the region. ”

The pilots can quickly identify changing weather conditions on the weather radar . The four-axis autopilot brings further relief because it can automatically take over control functions. This makes Christoph 53’s life-saving missions even safer. The sheathed tail rotor, the so-called Fenestron, is also eye-catching: it is quieter, better protected against damage and offers rescue workers more safety on the ground.

New interior concept

Emergency doctors and paramedics are also looking forward to working with the new machine, as it is particularly suitable for the tasks of the ward, especially the highly demanding transports between clinics. The new interior concept co-developed by DRF Luftrettung also brings advantages , which among other things offers more space and rotatable seats for the crew and thus further improves patient care. The H145 offers even better conditions for transporting seriously ill premature babies in the so-called incubator, the “incubator”, or for other medically demanding missions that the station regularly carries out, with more space in the cabin, a greater range and more power.


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