2021 Lilium Year in Review

2021 Lilium Year in Review

7-Jan-2022 Source: Lilium

Throughout the past year, Lilium accelerated towards our goal: a revolution in sustainable regional air mobility. We unveiled our serial aircraft and listed on Nasdaq. We launched our 5th generation technology demonstrator test flight campaign and confirmed the first Vertiport networks in the US and Europe. We brought on board leading aerospace suppliers and signed commercial deals that will open up new markets. And we welcomed new Board members and colleagues who bring incredible expertise and move us faster on our mission. Read on to learn more about Team Lilium’s 2021.


This summer at Lilium’s HQ, we restarted our flight test campaign with our 5th generation technology demonstrator. The team gathered to watch and listen to the demonstrator’s maiden flight, showcasing a redesigned battery system and optimized sound signature.

Since then it has undertaken more than 25 flights, including combined input maneuvering. Those following the campaign have watched it climb while accelerating to 40 knots (46mph / 74km/h), and descend at 350 feet per minute during a 30° bank turn, successfully executing more than one pilot technique at the same time.


The 5th generation demonstrator is a testbed for the Lilium Jet, our serial aircraft we unveiled in March which is on the path to certification. In April our Chief Technology Officer Alastair McIntosh shared a technical blog on the architecture of the Lilium Jet and what it seeks to achieve. We also welcomed you to a first peek inside the cabin – designed for comfort, without compromising performance.


Throughout the year, we made public significant long-term partnerships – with global aerostructures manufacturer Aciturri, to build the airframe of the Lilium Jet, with Honeywell, a world-leading manufacturer of electronics, engines, and mechanical systems for aircraft, to develop the Lilium Jet’s avionics and flight control systems, and with CUSTOMCELLS, a German manufacturer of customer-specific lithium-ion battery cells, to produce high-performance silicon-anode batteries. These partners are critical to our development journey, which will keep the pace as we enter 2022.


While our 5th generation demonstrator was taking to the skies, we were also forging relationships to develop Lilium’s regional air mobility network and service. We began the year with an announcement of our agreement with Ferrovial to build the first US Vertiport network in Florida, with Palm Beach International Airport one of the first confirmed locations. In May we announced a European partnership with Luxaviation Group, one of the largest business aircraft and helicopter operators worldwide, to support our airline operations in Europe. We also announced plans for networks of Vertiports in Germany, UK and Spain too.

In October, ABB E-mobility agreed to develop, test and supply the MegaWatt fast charging infrastructure across Lilium’s Vertiport network worldwide. Designed to be capable of fully charging batteries in approximately 30 minutes, and charging up to 80% in 15 minutes, they will help enable up to 20-25 flights per aircraft per day. It’s another crucial step towards Lilium’s aim to make sustainable, high-speed regional air travel a reality for communities around the world.

One of Lilium’s biggest milestones to date, we completed our business combination with Qell and listed on Nasdaq, strengthening our financial position and accelerating us towards entry into service in 2024.

Today’s milestone will bring us even closer to launching our service in 2024 and making sustainable, high-speed regional air travel a reality to communities around the world.

Daniel Wiegand, Co-Founder and CEO

We are nothing without our strong team and Board, and in 2021 we welcomed some of the most experienced and respected leaders in aerospace and technology to join our mission.

January saw us welcome Tom Enders to the Lilium Board. With three decades experience in the aviation industry, the former Airbus CEO is a crucial asset to our company’s growth, and became Chairman of the Board in September. Our Board was further strengthened with the addition of David Neeleman, Chairman of Azul, Tesla veteran Gabrielle Toledano, and aviation executive Henri Courpron, following Lilium’s combination with Qell Acquisition Corp. View our full board here.

Our Senior Leadership Team was bolstered by Jessica Bryndza as Chief Marketing Officer, Roger Franks as Chief Legal Officer, and Karim Jalbout as Chief People Officer. Meanwhile Lilium’s Yves Yemsi and Alex Asseily stepped up to the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman, respectively. You can see Yves talking about Lilium’s program, and read Alex’s interview with CNBC here.


Lilium closes 2021 as a team of over 750 dedicated employees from diverse backgrounds and talents working across Germany, Switzerland, London, and the US. Before coming together at Lilium, we built category-defining technology and consumer brands, and delivered some of the world’s most successful aircraft. And today, our people are united in our mission to build radically better ways of moving. Want to join the journey in 2022 and beyond? We’re hiring.

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