Volo Mission introduces external load “short courses”

Volo Mission introduces external load “short courses”

11-Mar-2022 Source: Volo Mission

“We’re very excited to welcome HAI and the industry to Texas for HAI Heli-Expo 2022”

“We are equally excited to introduce a new series of Vertical Reference/Long- Line and Aerial firefighting short courses and exercises to better support and service our customers and the industry”

Based off client input and a growing need, we’ve designed these additional courses and exercises to enhance our overall program and be able to offer more external load/fire training options to the industry. The short courses are designed for companies, agencies and individuals who may already have experience in the utility and fire sector but need refresher or recurrent training or don’t have the time or available resources to conduct the required training in house.

Short courses are typically 3-5 hours and 2 days duration

Precision/Construction: Industry long line pilots who want to further their skill set and move into precision/construction work. This training includes VM’s newest exercise setting steel sections on the “Sat Phone Tower”.

Aerial Firefighting: Building on existing long line skills and introducing the Pilot to the basics of aerial firefighting. Or an existing fire pilot who would like to refresh their skills prior to the start of fire season, or a fire pilot preparing for a short haul checkride utilizing VM’s new Short Haul training exercise.

Job Prep or Job Assessment:

  • Job preparation – Long line pilots preparing for a skills and knowledge demonstration for a potential employer or flight review. Designed to sharpen skills that have not been in recent use to prepare for the upcoming event.
  • Job Assessment – Designed for companies that are short on time and readily available equipment. A thorough review of a potential new hire Pilot to determine the level of knowledge and skills pertaining to external load and fire operations.

Recurrent training: For long line pilots who need to refresh their knowledge and skills to maintain proficiency, or who may be re-entering the external load industry after an extended break.

One final addition to the program, although not a short course is the:

Foundation Building for Companies: Volo Mission builds the foundational skills and knowledge of long lining (10 hours), then your company takes over to complete the Pilots specialized training for the specific job, contract or company needs.

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