Ecocopter supporting 5G roll-out in Chile

Ecocopter supporting 5G roll-out in Chile

12-May-2022 Source: Ecocopter


The 5G network will be the most transformative communications technology of this generation, enabling a universe of new services, as it is up to 90% more efficient per unit of traffic than its 4G predecessors. However, they require much more power due to the higher network density with new frequencies, which means that new equipment will have to be deployed on broadcast towers. This is why mobile operators are looking for ways to maximize the use of their infrastructure, in addition to reducing energy consumption by incorporating new technologies. 

It is in the midst of this scenario, where Ecocopter, began to make flights to antennas located in inhospitable areas in the south of the country, carrying technology and infrastructure that will enhance the Alternative Energy System (SAE), for the deployment of the 5G Network of the Telefónica company.

“One of the main attributes of our helicopters is their capacity to lift goods and take them to remote or difficult to access places. Using our aircraft for highly complex operations is safer and more efficient, and the lifting capacity of our helicopters is up to 1,400 kilos, depending on the aircraft model, altitude and temperature. In addition, the experience and quality of our pilots and crews have many hours of flight time developing this type of work”, says Francisco Arriagada of Ecocopter.

Helicopters are used in places where ground transportation is restricted or simply inaccessible, such as areas with limited road access, steep terrain, high mountains or forest environments. Thus, aerial services are contributing to the connectivity of different territories through the construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunication antennas.

The deployment of mobile networks that have been developed with helicopters has been decisive in achieving higher levels of coverage, access and use by users throughout the country.

“We have worked in more than a thousand sites that required the construction of telecommunications antennas, moving materials and performing high-precision assemblies. In places with more complex access, we provide support services in antenna maintenance, fuel supply, technical assistance and replacement of new technologies, as in this case,” explains Arriagada.

With Ecocopter’s operations, the challenge of greater and better connectivity in Chile is consolidated, ensuring access to quality Internet, continuing with the massive deployment of networks and installing, through helicopters, the new generation of 5G technology.

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