Saudi Red Crescent Authority launches air ambulance service with THC

Saudi Red Crescent Authority launches air ambulance service with THC

25-Jul-2022 Source: Saudi Red Crescent Authority

Attended by His Excellency Minister of Health, Eng. Fahad Al Jalajel, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and The Helicopter Company, fully Owned by Public Investment Fund (PIF), signed an agreement for inauguration of the Saudi Air Ambulance Service in the kingdom illustrating efforts of raising the level of quality and efficiency of ambulatory services as a contribute of rapid saving of lives and alleviate pain and suffer.

The agreement was signed by H.E president of SRCA, Dr. Jalal bin Mohammed Al Owaisi and Mr. Arnaud Martinez, Cheif Executive Officer of The Helicopter Company.

This agreement was made due to deep realization by the Authority of the importance of the Air Ambulance in rapid responding to save lives of the injured, especially in emergency cases and critical situations where time plays essential factor in dealing with the case and providing emergency health care in locations that ambulances are incapable to reach.

The agreement signed to avail 24/7 coverage of EMS services responding to incidents such as road traffic collisions on highways as well hospital-to-hospital transports.  The service has been launched in Riyadh and will expand throughout the Kingdom in several phases.

In addition, the Medivac Helicopters will be provided in cooperation with The Helicopter Company in response to critical cases in the sacred sites among other services dedicated by SRCA to the Guests of Allah in Hajj season 2022.

from his part, Dr Al Owaisi stated that the agreement shows the authority’s keenness to develop and upgrade its fleet and emergency medical services at various levels, and to provide all means that would help our ambassadors of life to perform their tasks in the fastest time with the highest level of efficiency, noting that the authority’s air ambulance fleet will witness a noticeable increase in the coming period to cover various regions of the Kingdom to become a primary support to the emergency teams on the ground.

On the other hand, Mr. Ismail expressed his thanks to H.E Minister of Health and H.E President of SRCA for their efforts that contributed in the success of this strategic partnership. He continued that the launch of the Air Ambulance service following a high level of cooperation and extensive efforts with SRCA, to provide the service with readiness and a high level of effectiveness. And today’s agreement will represent an important step to keep up with the modern health care system, that contributes to saving lives in the kingdom.

Worth to mention that the Helicopter Company was established by Public Investment Funds in 2019 as the first commercial helicopter operator. The company owns 17 Helicopters to provide Air Ambulance services, aerial works, tourism, and private transportation. Recently, The Helicopter Company Signed a purchase agreement for 42 helicopters, also considered to be the largest purchase in the company’s history.

the service contributes to the kingdom 2030 vision by facilitating access to emergency medical care and reducing the mortality and injuries caused by traffic accidents.

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