Ecocopter to offset carbon footprint in South American operations

Ecocopter to offset carbon footprint in South American operations

19-Aug-2022 Source: Ecocopter


The carbon footprint was born as a measure to quantify and generate an indicator of the impact that an activity or process has on climate change. 

In order to face the planetary environmental threat, Ecocopter is committed to compensate its carbon footprint and contribute with actions to the care and protection of the environment with international standards as of 2022. The company will seek to support different projects in Latin America in order to offset CO2 emissions in air operations, improving their efficiency and promoting good practices in energy management.

“The first step to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in air operations is to quantify CO2e emissions. For this, we hired the services of a third party verifier adhered and authorized by the Chile Footprint Program (Proyectae Company), who validated the calculations and methodology used by the organization to obtain the carbon footprint of air operations for the year 2021, from the measurement obtained we defined compensation strategies for 2022 based on the estimate of flight hours budgeted for the following year, “says Tania Gajardo, head of Quality Ecocopter.

At present, Ecocopter is offsetting the total carbon equivalent emitted by air operations. This means that all flights executed by the company as of January 2022 will be zero carbon using the offsetting method and thus becoming the first helicopter company in South America to carry out the management in the operations of Ecuador, Peru and Chile. 

The projects chosen to generate offsets are linked to the use and development of clean and renewable energies and the responsible use of natural resources. These projects make a significant contribution by integrating engineering and technology in the production processes, as well as the preservation of native trees. 

In the same line, Ecocopter also joined the Vuelo Limpio program. A public/private initiative that seeks to implement a national sustainable aviation program, led by the Chilean Energy Sustainability Agency (AgenciaSE) and supported by the Civil Aeronautics Board. The aim is to improve the efficiency of freight and passenger transportation in the civil aviation industry, promoting good practices in energy management by airlines and aeronautical companies. 

Ecocopter is committed to and has designed a strategy that seeks to achieve carbon neutrality through the efficient use of resources and the compensation of 100% of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. 

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