KAI to develop amphibious attack version of Surion

KAI to develop amphibious attack version of Surion

31-Oct-2022 Source: Korea Aerospace Industries

On the 27th, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a contract with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration for the amphibious attack helicopter system development project worth 430 billion won. The development period is 46 months, and three prototypes are produced.

The amphibious assault helicopter proposed by KAI is applied with the latest avionics and armament system proven in LAH, and it is the first domestic helicopter to operate air-to-air guided missiles in preparation for air combat.

‣ In addition, it is equipped with weapons such as turret-type machine guns, guided and unguided rockets, and air-to-ground guided missiles, and plans to secure high survivability against anti-aircraft weapons by applying the latest survival equipment.

A KAI official said, “Through the successful development of the amphibious attack helicopter, it will contribute to the reinforcement of the Marine Corps air force.”

‣ The Amphibious Attack Helicopter covers the Marines aboard the Amphibious Helicopter (hereinafter referred to as Marineon) and provides air fire support for ground combat units.

‣ KAI has established an optimal amphibious attack helicopter development plan in consideration of the operational environment and aircraft operating conditions of the Marine Corps, which is a required military force.

By applying the domestically developed small armed helicopter weapon system integration technology to Marineon, which has proven its ability to operate at sea and on ships, it proposes a plan for developing an enemy aircraft while meeting the performance requirements of the Marine Corps.

‣ In particular, the risk of developing an amphibious attack helicopter can be greatly reduced by securing the helicopter armament integration capability, which is a core technology through the test and evaluation of small armed helicopters.

‣ The amphibious attack helicopter, which will have high compatibility with Marine On, is expected to minimize the need for new Marine Corps pilot training, facilitate follow-up logistics support, and reduce budget.

KAI plans to play a leading role in the development of a high-mobility helicopter, known as the next-generation helicopter in Korea, through Surion’s know-how in developing small arms helicopters and localization of the power transmission system.

‣ High mobility helicopters are regarded as the next generation of power that can be used for various operations in the future battlefield environment, where the speed is twice as fast as the existing helicopters and has enhanced cargo transport capacity.

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