Heli NRW joins LHA

Heli NRW joins LHA

8-Nov-2022 Source: Leading Helicopter Academies

German company, Heli NRW, is the newest member of Leading Helicopter Academies (LHA). Based at Mönchengladbach Airport, near Cologne and Dusseldorf, they provide excellent training for the PPL, CPL and FI licences, as well as many of the necessary ratings. They have also recently acquired an EASA-certified helicopter simulator from VRM Switzerland.

CEO of Heli NRW, Holger Lubbe: “Working with LHA gives us the opportunity to broaden our horizons. Learn from each other, introduce new ideas and enhance what we can offer to pilots and organisations.”

Heli NRW offers students very varied flying conditions over flat and hilly natural terrain and also heavily urbanised areas. Outside of training, It has provided thousands of sightseeing trips over the Rhineland and Ruhr in Germany, as well as above Belgium and the Netherlands.

EHC CEO ad LHA Spokesperson Anette Kruhaug Haldersen: “It’s great to have a strong partner in one of the most important European markets. We look forward to working together, to improve flying standards and offer students the very best training in Europe.”

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