NHV thanks all involved in SAR contract

NHV thanks all involved in SAR contract

21-Nov-2022 Source: NHV

NHV started Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the Netherlands from 2011. At the beginning, NHV performed Night SAR operations from Pistoolhaven in Rotterdam then moved into day and night SAR services from 2014, flying with the Airbus AS365N3 Dauphins from both Pistoolhaven and the Den Helder Airport base.

NHV are very proud of our dedicated SAR team of experienced pilots, hoist operators, rescue swimmers and engineers who have contributed to the safety of the North Sea through this contract.  Thank you for your effort, devotion, and strength. We managed to perform more than a 1000 SAR missions for SAR and Medevacs and transported almost 500 patients for further treatment.

An operation of this magnitude wasn’t completed alone, there were many people and partners who were instrumental in the success of these operations. Therefore, we would like to thank those active in the success of NHV’s SAR operations:

Thank you to Netherlands Coastguard for the successful collaboration over the many years.

Thank you Rijkswaterstaat for the long-term commitment.

Thank you, Netherlands Loodswezen, for the 25 years of trustful cooperation.

Thank you to KNRM, the mutual support, the many training missions and scrambles performed jointly.

Thank you to Witte Kruis for the medical support.

Thank you MIRG.NL for the fantastic training days and accomplished missions.

Thank you to all NHV supporting services to make this possible.

Thank you to all our supporters and followers

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