Korea Forest Service orders two fire fighting helicopters

Korea Forest Service orders two fire fighting helicopters

22-Nov-2022 Source: KAI Korea Aerospace Industries

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‣ Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a contract with the Public Procurement Service on the 18th to supply two forest helicopters. Two units will be delivered in the second half of 2024.

‣ The total contract amount was KRW 49.8 billion, which included repair parts, ground support equipment, technical manuals, technical and maintenance support, and education and training.

‣ A KAI official said, “Despite the competition with foreign models, we were able to sign the contract because the excellent performance and perfect mission capability of the domestic helicopter were recognized.”

Since the first Surion helicopter was delivered in May 2018, it has been active at the forefront of forest fires.

‣ During the 2022 Uljin Forest Fire, the Surion Forest Helicopter successfully performed its mission in extinguishing the forest fire at night. Its outstanding performance as an aerial commander was also verified by grasping the progress of the hwadu and the real-time evolution status at the forest fire site and perfectly performing the control mission for other aircraft.

‣ In particular, the Surion forest helicopter contracted this time is a helicopter specialized in obtaining limited type certification and flying at night. It is equipped with smart integrated avionics, anti-air collision equipment, and the latest night vision imaging equipment to effectively extinguish forest fires even at night and in adverse conditions.

‣ In addition, for the first time, it is equipped with a control spray system, enabling rapid and efficient aerial control of forest pests. It is also expected to prevent disaster-related forest diseases and pests such as animal diseases and pine wood nematodes.

This year, KAI signed contracts with government agencies such as police, firefighting, coast guards, and forestry for a total of six domestic Surion helicopters, worth KRW 151.5 billion.
* Signed contracts for 2 police units, 1 fire unit, 1 coast guard unit, and 2 forestry units (2022)

‣ Police helicopters are contributing to the improvement of the National Police Agency’s public security capabilities, such as on-land security sites, integrated defense, counter-terrorism, traffic/search, etc.

‣ Firefighting helicopters are helping to protect the safety and life of the people by performing various tasks such as transporting emergency patients, extinguishing fires, and transporting them.

‣ Coast Guard helicopters are contributing to the protection of maritime sovereignty, such as maritime accidents in maritime and island regions, emergency transport of emergency patients, and crackdowns on maritime crimes.

A total of 120 helicopters are used by government agencies. KAI aims to dominate the domestic Surion-class helicopter market by strengthening marketing for Surion helicopters whose performance has been verified.
* A total of 26 domestic helicopters including this contract (12 police, 5 firefighters, 6 coast guards, 3 forestry)

‣ To this end, KAI improved the water tank capacity of the Surion platform from 2 tons to 3 tons to extinguish forest fires and other fires. plans to significantly improve.

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