Hill Helicopters backlog close to 700 – plus pricing update

Hill Helicopters backlog close to 700 – plus pricing update

1-Dec-2022 Source: HeliHub.com

In their latest update call this week (a monthly call open to all online), Hill Helicopters revealed that their backlog is currently 692 helicopters, consisting of 574 of the HX50 model, and 118 of the HC50 model. These are externally identical, with the HC50 conforming to standards which will allow it to be operated commercially.

Orders for the HC50 are still not fully open. Until an as-yet-unannounced date in mid 2023, purchasers can only order any number of the HC50 model if they already have an HX50 on order first.

The pricing mechanism has also changed a little recently, although the final price of the HX50 remains fixed at £595,000. Orders are currently being taken with a £30,000 deposit, and a purchaser’s final price is now calculated by a formula which calculates the discount on the final price.

During the presentation, CEO Dr Jason Hill noted that the discounted price is currently £476,000 – but the discount is reduced by £1,000 for every three orders taken. Thus at some point in the near future when another 30 deposits have been accepted, the retail price at that point will have risen by 10 increments of £1,000 to £486,000. All pricing is in UK Pounds.

No pricing update was given by Hill Helicopters on their HC50 model, which is understood to be set at £725,000.  The previous restriction to particular countries has now been lifted and deposits are being taken from all corners of the globe.



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