Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Fourteen (HM-14) makes final flight

Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Fourteen (HM-14) makes final flight

12-Dec-2022 Source: US Navy

After nearly 45 years of service, flying the RH-53D and the MH-53E, the Vanguard are officially disestablishing in July 2023. The sailors of HM-14 have served and flown on every continent in the world over their 45 year history, and have been a part of numerous critical military Operations. With the Navy’s decision to develop and field new technologies and approaches to MCM, to include a family of manned and unmanned systems, the mighty MH-53E Sea Dragon is entering its final years of service.

HM-14 is the first of the Navy’s two operational MH-53E squadrons to disestablish, ending a run of 45 years of service to the country. Throughout its history, the squadron underwent numerous changes to its manning and structure and even introduced a new helicopter, but always remained steadfast to Norfolk, Virginia.

​The tens of thousands of sailors who called HM-14 home have served the community well, and many have permanently called Hampton Roads home. The final sailors of HM-14 have finished strong over the last year few years, winning the Battle E award in both 2020 and 2021.

“There is no greater honor than serving our fellow citizens of the USA, and doing it maintaining and flying the world’s biggest and most powerful helicopter! We have so much fun doing what we do, and playing a small part in maintaining freedom in America and around the world!,” said the final Skipper of HM-14, CDR Nicklaus “Cheddar Bob” Smith. “I’m so proud of all the sailors of the Vanguard, both past and present, who have served with distinction. Our alumni have attained MCPON and Admiral, but I’m most proud of the young men and women who gave blood, sweat, and tears, in challenging environments across the world, and kept the Big Iron flying!”

[Ed note – not mentioned in the above press release but at least a part of HM-14 is being absorbed into HM-15 squadron.]

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