Christoph 37 upgrades to new H135

Christoph 37 upgrades to new H135

6-Mar-2023 Source: DRF Luftrettung

Since March 1st, a helicopter of the type H135 has been used as the new Christoph 37 in Nordhausen. Thanks to the glass cockpit, four-axis autopilot and anti-collision system, the machine ensures greater safety, which benefits patients and crews. The H135 replaces the previous EC135 machine. With the change, the non-profit organization is continuing to modernize its fleet.

Visually, nothing changes: the H135 will also be seen in the familiar red and white livery in the sky over Thuringia. However, a look into the cockpit shows the difference, as station manager Martin Wagner explains: “In contrast to the EC135, the H135 has a glass cockpit in which the pilots can see all important flight data on large screens, and a four-axis autopilot that gives us Pilots are relieved in flight.” Also new is an anti-collision system that serves to avoid collisions with aircraft.

Martin Wagner is looking forward to his more modern Christoph 37, but was also satisfied with the old model: “The EC135 has served us well. In the past year alone, we flew 1,519 missions with it. However, the technical innovations of the H135 make our work a lot easier as pilots, as they ensure even more safety and that in turn helps us to be able to help people even better.”

Modernization is consistently continued

The nationwide modernization of the DRF Luftrettung fleet is thus being consistently continued. “We are very happy that our partner, DRF Luftrettung, also makes sure to invest in the safety of our patients and crews in Nordhausen,” explains Andreas Poppe from DRK Nordhausen, “and we wish you a good flight and safe landings at all times .”

Nordhausen station

The DRK station, founded on November 2nd, 1992, is located at the Südharz Hospital. An H135 helicopter is used. Premature babies can also be transported in a so-called incubator on board the Christoph 37.


The DRF Luftrettung continues the tasks of the Federal Police, which was responsible for helicopter operations in Nordhausen from November 2, 1992 to June 30, 2006.

Historical development

The entire Harz region including the highest mountain, the Brocken, is part of the Christoph 37’s operational area. The clinics that are frequently flown to include the central clinic in Bad Berka, the BGU Halle, the Südharz clinic in Nordhausen, the university clinic in Göttingen, the university clinic in Magdeburg, the Helios clinic in Erfurt and the university clinic in Jena.

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