Aviation Battery Systems reports growth of rotorcraft with StartStic

Aviation Battery Systems reports growth of rotorcraft with StartStic

7-Mar-2023 Source: Aviation Battery Systems

Aviation Battery Systems (ABS) reports rapid growth in the range of rotorcraft served by its popular StartStick line of portable ground power units (GPU). Thanks to introduction of the powerful new StartStick 20, operators in ramp and remote operations alike see benefits.

ABS has its powerful StartStick 20 and other models on display at Booth C3624 during Heli Expo 2023 March 7-9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This effort expands StartStick’s industry-leading rugged, lightweight auxiliary power to an even wider group of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

ABS unveiled its StartStick portable GPU in 2014, and now over two thousand units have been delivered globally.

From heavy twin to light single engine helicopters, the StartStick 20 allows operators maximum flexibility and multiple starts before recharge.

“We developed the StartStick 20 in effort to serve heavy twin helicopter operators’ need for a modern, rugged, lightweight Ground Power Unit.” states ABS Director Paul M. Ross, Jr.  “This exciting, high capacity StartStick brings our proven technology to an even wider range of clients.”

Big Power. Compact GPU.

Weighing just 20 pounds with a compact form factor, the 20 amp hour StartStick 20 allows ease of field and ramp operations as well as maximum aircraft availability.  Engine/APU starts, database/avionics updates and compressor washes are accomplished with StartStick.

Recent placements with AW139 charter and private operators indicate strong acceptance of the concept for this community.

ABS reports a growing number of corporate, charter, aerial applicators, air medical, FBO and airborne law enforcement programs utilizing the StartStick.

Rotor wing operators like Oceanview Helicopters have deployed StartStick for years in their fleet.

“The StartStick provides such a range of benefits across our operations,” states Oceanview’s Bill Chernoff. “Introduction of the StartStick 20 means even greater redundancy in the bush or at the hangar.”

And importantly in challenging economic conditions, a growing number of customers like Chernoff report extending their main batteries’ service life thanks to the discipline of using StartStick for their first start each day.

“We’re able to have a GPU present more often, leading to extension of the ship’s battery service life,” he adds.

The standard GPU/NATO power port connector handles a range of aircraft.  And each StartStick comes with an industry-leading comprehensive two-year warranty.

For even greater redundancy, StartStick can be recharged during flight via onboard 28-volt charging cable, or plugged into the onboard inverter.  A standard wall adapter plugs into a hangar socket.

Each unit’s display provides constant on-condition data including state of charge and other key annunciation.  Importantly, StartStick’s proprietary design protects aircraft electrical systems by not allowing deficient voltage levels from the GPU.

Operators are encouraged to visit the ABS team at Heli Expo Booth C3624 for a full review of their aviation ground power needs.

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