ADS calls for action to make eVTOL market a reality in the UK

ADS calls for action to make eVTOL market a reality in the UK

23-Mar-2023 Source: ADS

This morning, ADS, the trade association for aerospace, defence, security and space, released Developing the eVTOL industry in the UK, setting out the five key areas that the UK aerospace industry believes should be the focus of Government and regulator efforts in the coming months.

These recommendations, expanded upon in the report, will be an important part of the UK’s roadmap to unlocking the potential benefits of new electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

The five recommendations are:

  1. A well-resourced and funded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  2. A clear set of regulatory and policy requirements
  3. Immediate prioritisation of infrastructure
  4. Collaboration to foster public engagement
  5. Safe, shared integration into airspace

Previous ADS studies have looked at the potential that efficient electric motors can bring to aviation in Distributed Aviation, as well as the opportunities that are offered by the UK’s unique geography for regional and rural air mobility. The efficient and sustainable operations offered by new and innovative eVTOL vehicles could help better connect communities across the UK, envisaging a whole new future of flight.

It is critical, however, that industry is supported by decisive action from Government and regulators in order to achieve this. The five recommendations set out in Developing the eVTOL industry in the UK are the key areas that the Government, including through the Department for Transport (DfT), and the CAA should focus on in order to ensure the UK’s competitiveness as the international and global market develops; ADS’ AAM Annual Market Outlook study found a potential global market value of up to $510 billion.

This report was published the ADS Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) special interest group (SIG), which brings together a holistic range of the players in the evolving future of flight space, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), maintenance specialists, a broad spectrum of the supply chain, and infrastructure developers. The AAM group, open to all ADS and British Aviation Group members, is working closely with Government and the CAA on enabling the eVTOL industry in the UK and looks forward to continuing close collaboration in the coming months.

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