CHC calls for papers for 2023 Safety & Quality Summit

CHC calls for papers for 2023 Safety & Quality Summit


Share your knowledge and experience at 2023 CHC Safety & Quality Summit.
Call for Papers is now open for 2023 CHC Safety & Quality Summit.

Theme: Reset 2024: Developing New Safety Mindsets

Submission Deadline: May 21, 2023

Much has changed in the past five years. Energy prices have collapsed, then spiked; customers have deferred, then ramped, production. We have grappled with global pandemic and now war in Ukraine. We have welcomed new market entrants in response to a changing environment and changing importance of sustainability.  The offshore helicopter industry has had to adapt – quickly – to meet changing demands.

As the pace of change has accelerated, it has sparked a state of permacrisis with little time to regroup. Simultaneously, the accident rate has accelerated, from an all-time low in 2019/20, to 12 fatal accidents and 18 lives lost in 2022. Were we distracted, complacent, without the focus and resources? How do we enhance safety, succession and sustainability in a dynamic industry?
The CHC Safety & Quality Summit 2023 now calls for papers to address these challenges. Please submit abstracts for consideration on the following topics:
New safety performance mindsets. A persistent safety management challenge is the changing human habit. Understanding safety relies on understanding the brains and behaviours at the heart of the flight system. We know the value of a safety management system lies in the willingness and openness of our teams to reflect, learn and change, time and time again. What new insights can we draw from human neurology and psychology to keep the person at the centre of safety, resilience and safety management practice?
New talent requirements and the next generation. There are numerous dynamics that stymie recruitment and retention: an experienced but ageing employee population, remuneration limitations, entrants’ skills gaps, changing workplace expectations and persistent poor performance in regard to diversity and inclusion. Are our organisations fit for purpose? What is our succession plan to ensure the safety and quality of our industry in 2024 and beyond?

The CHC Safety &Quality Summit will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 14 – 16 November, 2023.

Most sessions during the three-day conference will be for 90 minutes. Individual sessions typically attract between 20 to 60 people. Submissions should include proposed session titles, descriptions or outlines, objectives and audience benefits, presenter bibliographies, and contact details. Please send your submission online via links on this page. We look forward to hearing from you by 21 May 2023.

Any type of vendor promotions or marketing pitch will not be accepted.

A valid passport & visa (if applicable) are required to enter Canada and attend the CHC Safety & Quality Summit. Don’t delay – apply or renew your passport & visa today.
To submit an abstract, click on the project link below:
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CHC Safety & Quality Summit Committee

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