A600 Accidents

12-Feb-15 N111ZP Rotorway A600 Bohusovice nad Ohri, Czech Republic (1F)

Test flight of newly imported helicopter.  Pilot killed... Read more

13-Oct-13 ZK-HUO Rotorway A600 Seddon, New Zealand

Lifting into a hover the pilot noticed the needles were at the bottom of the green range, and while more power was added, the pilot also applied pedal to face into wind. This resulted in a faster decay of power available, with the aircraft loosing height, then landing heavily and rolling over. The main rotor blades and tail... Read more

15-Mar-11 N602RW Rotorway A600 Talon Chandler, US-Arizona

Development aircraft – report of jolt while in cruise flight – entered autorotation but heavy landing and helicopter ended up on its side.... Read more

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