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01-Sep-20 7?? Mil Mi-17 Rustaq, Afghanistan

Helicopter landed heavily and rolled over onto its starboard side. 12 POB, 2 with minor injuries


08-Feb-19 225 MD Helicopters MD530F Saydabad, Afghanistan

Helicopter written off in snowy conditions.  Very few details available.  In this tweet there is a claim it was shot down by Taliban

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06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Zabul province, Afghanistan (17F)

Crashed in unknown circumstances.  Helicopter was flying between Zabul’s capital of Qalat and the town of Shinkay, 20 kilometers (12 miles) away. Accident killed all on board –  12 soldiers and five crew members. The Taliban claimed they had shot down the aircraft


07-Sep-13 MD Helicopters MD530F Shindand, Afghanistan

Landed on an IED during training flight, blowing one skid off.  Helicopter caught fire.  2 POB were U.S. Army CW4 Thomas “Andy” Miller and Afghan air force Lt. Massoud Islamkhil – both were saved by a Mi-17 crew


15-Jun-11 707 Mil Mi-171 Mandapul, Afghanistan

Helicopter ended up on its port side with the tail boom broken


11-May-11 209 Mil Mi-17 Paroon, Afghanistan

Crashed into a tree in Paroon, Nuristan, while four helicopters were landing inside a compound of National Directorate of Security, Nuristan governor Jamaluddin Badr said


15-Jan-09 574 Mil Mi-17 Adraskan district, Herat province, Afghanistan (13F)

15-Jan-09 574 Mil Mi-17 Adraskan district, Herat province, AFghanistan